e/n (everything and nothing) sites were all the rage in 99-00 when i started scott's sanctuary. here i am over 20 years later bringing it back. equal parts awesome and sad. i hope you enjoy.

i am a stand up comedian that spends too much time watching wrestling. i also waste time by making crappy websites and exercising.

scott's sanctuary began on homestead.com made solely on their old drag and drop editor. once i learned more html the site became a hybrid of angelfire and homestead before finally fully moving to angelfire. my traffic outgrew the bandwidth i was given on angelfire so i jumped from host to host, keeping my site active until around 2003. i brought it back circa 2008-09 for a bit but it didn't last more than a year or so. i previously used the domain sc0tt.net but unfortunately it isn't available this time around.